The Imminent Invasion of Israel

Chapter 7: A Possible Future Scenario

Prophecy indicates 3 great wars will convulse the planet during the apocalyptic period known as “the last days.” The first War (of Gog and Magog), as described by Ezekiel, is the coming Russian-Islamic Invasion against Israel. The 2nd War, 7 or more years later, is described in Joel, Zechariah and Revelation 16:16 - the Battle of Armageddon. This cataclysmic conflict will involve the armies of the entire world against Jesus Christ. Revelation 20:8 tells us about a 3rd war, a final battle that will occur 1,000 years later at the end of the Millennium. The War of Gog and Magog is the key event that will set the stage for the completion of God's prophetic program. 

*Let us consider a possible future Scenario leading up to the First War and the dramatic results of this war:

1. Israel must stop Iran developing nuclear weapons, otherwise they will be used against her. If Israel uses military force to do this, it could easily be the catalyst for Ezekiel's war, providing this russia-Muslim Coalition all the excuse they need against unpopular Israel.

2. Russia invades Israel and God moves quickly to judge the invading nations. As a result of this Divine Intervention many in the nations will turn to God. There will be a great opportunity for the Church to reap a final harvest before the Rapture. We will see this Divine Intervention and have an opportunity to share in an unprecedented soul harvest. God's purpose for destroying the invading armies, apart from judging evil and saving Israel, is: “that all the world will know that I am the Lord.” 8 times He announces that this is His ultimate purpose (38:16, 20,23; 39:6,7,7b,21,22,27,28). No wonder He calls it“a memorable day” (Ezekiel 39:13), for on that day He will be glorified in the eyes of “the whole world.” In one dynamic moment He will judge Russia and Islam, save Israel, and prove to the most sceptical minds that a supernatural God exists. The result will be the greatest soul harvest in history. Millions of souls who have been deceived by secular humanism and Islam will suddenly realise that the God of the Bible exists and reigns. We need to be ready to take advantage of this situation to preach the Gospel.

3. Islam will also have suffered a great blow, with its most fundamentalist nations sharing in this Judgement. This politically orientated religion thrives on military and political success, but is also very sensitive to failure. It will be very difficult for Islam to explain its total defeat at the hands of God, and many Muslims will realise it must be false, causing them to turn to the Bible and accept Christ. 

4. In Israel, this Divine Intervention will revive faith in her God, and strengthen moves to rebuild her Temple, especially with the Islamic opposition (supported by Russia’s military might) greatly weakened. Soon, she will be able to do this with Revived Rome’s support, through her covenant with antichrist (Daniel 9:27, see also Matthew 24:15, 2Thessalonians 2:3,4, Revelation 11:1-2). This will be helped if the Great Earthquake (38:19) destroys the Dome of the Rock (which presently occupies the Site of the original Temple). This is all the more probable as it sits on an earthquake fault. The Jewish sages believed the War of God and Magog would usher in the Messianic era, warned that those who witnessed Magog's (Russia's) preparations to invade Israel should prepare its heart for the Messiah. This understanding will fuel their desire to build the 3rd Temple. Thus with Israel saved from destruction, the stage will be set for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. God's defeat of the Russo-Islamic armies will create the political, military and religious conditions that will lead the Jews to rebuild the Tribulation Temple.

5. When Russia and her Islamic allies are destroyed by the hand of God, a power vacuum will exist, which will be filled by the rise of Revived Rome (a reunited Europe), under the dynamic leadership of the coming prince of darkness (the antichrist). The world's political and military balance of power will be profoundly altered overnight. There will be a dramatic shift in the balance of power in favour of the antichrist. With Russia defeated, the newly united European Union Superstate will emerge as the greatest economic, political and military power on the planet, along with the emergence of its leader, who will ultimately assume the role of the antichrist, the final world dictator. At that point, he, the head of the Revived Roman Empire (European Union), the king of the West, will rise and emerge centre stage, presenting himself as a friend-protector of Israel. The destruction of the North-Eastern Powers will prepare the way for the nations of Europe to complete their unification in preparation for the day when its leader (antichrist) signs a covenant with Israel, in a move to control the Middle-East. These events will ultimately prepare the way for him to become undisputed world-leader, establishing his world empire with little resistance (at Mid-Tribulation).

6. This also explains why antichrist is able to demand that he be worshipped at Mid-Tribulation. How can this one man have such world-wide power and authority? Everyone who could contest the antichrist's right to world authority has been removed. The true Christians will have been removed to heaven in the Rapture, but surely Islam would vehemently resist worshipping a man as God. But with the destruction of their armies in Israel by God, the power of Islam will be broken, many will convert and those who are left in the Islamic nations will be unable to mount much of a protest against antichrist's demand to be worshipped. As long as Islam is a major force in the world, it is very difficult to imagine the dominance of a one-world religion, where one man (antichrist) is worshipped as God.

Conclusion: The Judgement of Ezekiel 38 will demonstrate to the world that God has not finished with Israel, for He is the God of Israel, and will judge all nations who curse Israel and come against Israel. Watch and pray for this event could happen any time now!



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