Sodom and Gomorrah

Chapter 5: A Tour of Gomorrah - Part 3

Sulphur, of course, is found naturally elsewhere in the world, 
but nowhere else is it found in the form of these sulphur balls, consisting of compressed powdered sulphur (balls of brimstone). 
They are unique to these special areas around the Dead-Sea. 

They must have fallen from above like rain (objects that fall from above always take on spherical shape). They were at great heat as seen by the surrounding burn rings. 

The distribution of these balls are just as if they had rained down from above, just like the Bible says (see below).

The original balls must have been far larger. What we can discover now are simply what was left when the original balls burnt out from lack of oxygen. Thus these sulphur balls are the residue of God’s instruments of Judgement upon Gomorrah:

A Chemical Analysis of the sulphur balls shows that they are over 96% pure sulphur and that they originally came down upon the Cities burning at a very high temperature. Notice the burn-rings produced in the surrounding material. These balls of brimstone entered the limestone buildings, melting through the material, burning hot until their oxygen supply was cut off by the surrounding material. This meant that these balls did not get completely consumed so that their residue was left behind as a witness to us. As it cooled the molten sulphur around the edge of the ball solidified into a crystalline skin. 

Thus (in the picture opposite at the bottom,) you are seeing from the centre: the remains of the sulphur ball, then the crystalline skin and then the burn ring. 

This is perfect proof that burning sulphur balls really did rain down from above upon these Cities. Under the extreme heat, they reacted chemically with the limestone, transforming it into the ash-like material that we see today, that crumbles upon touch. 

The sulphur balls we see today are just a small part of the total sulphur that fell that day. Most reacted with the limestone, resulting in compounds that include sulphur. Also much stayed as sulphur. The ash has an usually high sulphur content (5%) as a result of this. 

Also much would have been given off as gases in the heat. Therefore, God must have sent an enormous amount of sulphur down on these Cities, enough to turn them all into ash! It could not have been a purely natural event for these 5 Cities were clearly targeted by these sulphur balls. Areas outside the Cities were not hit by the sulphur balls. This is a sign and warning from God that He will also send fire upon all the wicked, turning them into ash. Therefore, we must turn back to God and receive His forgiveness and Salvation through Jesus before it is too late!

The Scriptures speak of a massive devastating Judgement upon the whole region around the Dead Sea, involving the elements of BURNING SULPHUR, turning the Cities to ASH, as well as a flood of SALT covering the region, especially around Sodom. We have seen that what can be discovered around the Dead-Sea today perfectly confirms this. In 5 specific locations, there are city-sized areas comprised of a powdery ASH-LIKE material embedded with millions of balls of SULPHUR, that had rained down from above burning at high temperatures. For more detailed results from a scientific chemical analysis of the remains, see Appendix 1.



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