New Book: Daniel's 70 Weeks

Appendix 9: Chronology of the Tribulation - Part 2

This tells us that the Great Tribulation lasts 1290 days (Matthew 24:15,21).
*Here we see an additional 30 days to the 1260 days, which measures the time that the Temple is desecrated by antichrist. Some think that this speaks of a further 30 days after the 2nd Coming of Christ during which the Temple is desecrated. This is not only absurd, but it also contradicts Daniel 9:27 which says that the Abomination will stand until the end of the 70th Week when Christ will return to destroy the antichrist. Actually it is clear that both the 1260 days (of Antichrist’s world-dominion) and the 1290 days (of Temple Desecration) must end at the same time (the Second Coming of Christ at the close of the Great-Tribulation). Therefore they must signify two different starting points at Mid-Tribulation which are separated by 30 days. In other words, antichrist desecrates the Temple 30 days before assuming world-power. Thus there is an Interval of 30 days at Mid-Tribulation from the Abomination to when antichrist gains world-power.

Thus we have seen that there are 3.5 days from the end of the first half of the Tribulation (the first 1260 days) to when the Antichrist sets up the Abomination (the Image of the Beast) in the Temple. Then there is a further 30 days from the Abomination to the start of the 2nd half of the Tribulation (the final 1260 days), when the antichrist assumes his position as world-dictator.

Thus the total length of the Mid-Tribulation interval is 30+3.5=33.5 days!

"Mid-Tribulation Interval" chart

s 70 Weeks39


Let’s now put it all together:
After 1260 days (the ministry of the 2 witnesses) antichrist invades Jerusalem and kills them. They lie dead for 3.5 days before being raised and caught up to heaven. This ends the time of the 6th Trumpet (Revelation 11:11-14). The next day antichrist desecrates the Temple which initiates the 7th Trumpet and the judgements of the Great Tribulation (Revelation 11:14,15). This day is the start of the Great-Tribulation (Matthew 24:15,21) and the start of the 1290-day countdown to the end and the sign for the Jewish believers to flee to Jordan (Matthew 24:15-21, Revelation 11:6). God holds back antichrist’s world-dominion for 30 days (see Revelation 10), so they can escape. Then antichrist has his 1260 days of world-power before Christ cuts that time short by His Second Coming.

Daniel 12:12 gives us one more piece of information:
"Blessed is he who comes to the (end of the) 1335 days.”
This measurement is presumably the longest possible measurement.

Therefore it starts at the close of the first-half of the Tribulation when the antichrist invades Israel, which is the starting point for Daniel 12. From this point we have the 33.5 days of the Mid-Tribulation Interval, followed by the 1260 days of antichrist’s world-rule, followed by the unique Day of the Lord’s Second Coming, when He alone will be the light (Zechariah 14:7) which lasts 1 day. Thus so far we have accounted for: 33.5 + 1260 + 1 = 1294.5 days.

“Immediately after the Tribulation” (after antichrist’s 1260 days are completed), but: “before the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord”,
there will be a total Blackout (Matthew 24:29, Joel 2:31).

This probably accounts for a half-day, leading up to the start of the final day of the 70th Week (the Day of the Lord’s Return, which will be a long day of 36 hours like Joshua’s long day (which is a type of the 2nd Coming), for according to Habbakuk 3:11, He will again stop the sun and moon when He appears in glory).

Thus we can now account for 1295 days.
But Daniel 12:12 speaks of 1335 days.
This leaves 1335 - 1290 = 40 days unaccounted for.

The only place we can put these 40 days is after the 2nd Coming of Christ.
So this would mean that after the Great and Terrible (Manifest) Day of the Lord, we have there will be a 40 day Interlude before the Kingdom (Millennium) officially starts. These 40 days are for the judgement of the nations, so those who inherit the Kingdom are blessed (Matthew 25:31-34). They are also preparation days to set up the government of the Kingdom. They correspond to the 40 days of the resurrected Christ’s time with His disciples, starting from 6pm on the day of His resurrection until His ascension to the Father’s Throne of glory (Acts 1:3).

*Thus let the reader understand: 1260+ (4+30) +1260+ 1+40 = 1335.

"Start of Tribulation" chart

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"Time Periods of Daniel 12" chart

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"The two 70th Weeks compared" chart

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"The Chronology of the Tribulation" chart

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