End-Time Prophecy

Part 1: The Prophetic Framework - Test on Part 1

END TIME PROPHECY TEST - Instructor: Pastor Derek Walker.
This is the Test I have written for the End-time Prophecy Course I recently taught at the World Harvest Bible Training Centre in Manchester, based on my book ‘End-Time Prophecy - Part 1. Take the Test and see how you do. If you don’t get full marks then you’d better buy my book and study it!

Questions 1-13: Answer TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)

1. The study of End-Time Prophecy is an unimportant side-issue,
which only occupies a small part of the Bible.

2. Bible Prophecy should be interpreted literally - that is, in its plain meaning. When the language is clearly symbolic, we should depend on the Bible to tell us what the symbols mean.

3. Dispensationalism divides history and prophecy into times and seasons, as well
as distinguishing between Israel, the Gentiles and the Church in God’s Purposes.

4. Pre-Millennial belief is that the Lord Jesus will return to establish His Kingdom upon the earth. He will personally rule the nations from David’s throne (Jerusalem) for 1,000 years. This is the Messianic Kingdom, which will literally fulfil the vision of the Old-Testament prophets.

5. The Church is described in scripture as ‘spiritual Israel’.
Therefore the Church has permanently replaced Israel in God’s purposes.

6. There are two streams of Old Testament Messianic Prophecy: the sufferings and the glory. Christ fulfilled the first in His First Coming, and will fulfill the second in His Second Coming.

7. The time between Christ’s sufferings and glory was a mystery hidden in God, only revealed to us in the New Testament. Therefore, the Church is called a mystery, and this is why there are many prophetic gaps, where prophecies jump over the Church Age (suddenly jumping from the First Coming of Christ to the time of His Second Coming, as if there was no time in between).

8. The Old Testament prophecies of God’s Kingdom have all been now fulfilled by the Church.

9. The Messianic Kingdom was offered to Israel by Jesus Christ, but because
Israel rejected Him and His Kingdom, it was postponed for 2,000 years.

10. God has finished with Israel. Her re-birth in 1948 is just an accident of history.

11. The main sign Jesus gave us so that we might know we are living at the close of the Church Age (the last of the last days) is the reappearance of the FIG-TREE [Israel] in her land.

12. Daniel’s 70 Weeks [Daniel 9:24-27], Jesus’ Olivet discourse [Matthew 24]
and the Book of Revelation are the major prophecies which agree together in giving us
the overall Framework of prophetic events.

13. Pre-Tribulationalism is the belief that the Rapture (when Christ comes FOR the Church) will be BEFORE the Tribulation. Immediately after the Rapture we will stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ to receive our reward and be glorified. The Second Coming will be
7 years later (after the Tribulation), when Christ will return to the earth WITH the Church.
14. A literal interpretation of Scripture leads to:
A. Pre-millennialism. B. Post-millennialism
C. Amillennialism or D. Pan-millennialism

Questions 15-21. Put the following prophetic events into chronological order:
A. The Tribulation B. The Church Age
C. The Second Coming of Christ D. The Eternal State
E. The Millennium F. The Rapture
G. The Great White Throne [Final Judgment]

After the First Coming of Christ....
15. The next event is _____
16. Then ____
17. Then ____
18. Then ____
19. Then ____
20. Then ____
21. Then ____

22. Which of these is NOT a title for the Tribulation:
A. The Day of the Lord B. The Labour Pains
C. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble D. The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord
E. The 70th Week of Daniel F. The End [Consummation] of the Age

23. Which does NOT describe the Rapture of the Church:
A. The Close of the Church Age B. The Marriage Feast of the Lamb
C. The Thief in the Night D. The Morning Star
E. The Bridegroom for His Bride F. In the Twinkling of an Eye
G. Imminent (it could happen at any moment).

24. What happens immediately after the Rapture?
A. The Great Tribulation B. The Tribulation
C. The Great White Throne Judgment D. The Millennium
E. The Eternal State

25. Match the Time Periods (1-6) to the Events (A-F):
1. Rapture 2. Second-Coming 3. Millennium 4. Tribulation 5. Church-Age 6. Great Tribulation.
A. 24 hours B. 1,000 years C. A moment D. 2,000 years E. 7 years F. 3 1/2 years

1 =
2 =
3 =
4 =
5 =
6 =




Answers (no cheating!)
1.F 2.T 3.T 4.T 5.F 6.T 7.T 8.F 9.T 10.F 11.T 12.T 13.T.
14.A 15.B 16.F 17.A 18.C 19.E 20.G 21.D 22.D 23.B 24.B
25. 1=C, 2=A, 3=B, 4=E, 5=D, 6=F.



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