The 11th Hour


The Lord's Return is at MIDNIGHT:
"At MIDNIGHT there was a cry made, Behold the Bridegroom comes" (Matthew 25:6)

God clearly marked 11 oclock when WORLD WAR 1 ended on:

The 11th hour
of the 11th day
of the 11th month of 1918
exactly 11 months after General Allenby entered Jerusalem and freed it from Turkish domination (11th December 1917) which was a major step to Israel's rebirth -for at that time Britain committed to make it a homeland for the Jews

WORLD-WAR and the RESTORATION of ISRAEL are the 2 key signs of being in the last days before the Lord's Return (Matthew 24) Both began to occur together and marked the start of the FINAL HOUR of the Age -11pm confirmed by God in the timing of the end of World War 1.