Our Pastors

obc derek hilaryPastor Derek Walker put down his roots in Oxford after coming here to study Mathematics at St Catherine's College, Oxford University. In his first term he heard the Gospel and became a Christian and his life was turned around. Soon after he began to be aware of a strong call to study God's Word and to stay in Oxford. After University he taught Maths in St Edward's School and then became Head of Maths at Cherwell Tutors.

Meanwhile, Hilary, who had grown up in Oxford, had received the Lord Jesus after experiencing a dramatic healing from rheumatoid arthritis. Derek and Hilary met in church and became close friends. They married in 1987 and soon after went to Bible School for 3 years in the USA. They returned in 1991 with a clear vision to pioneer Oxford Bible Church, which they started in their lounge the first Sunday after arriving back in the UK.

As well as preaching, Hilary oversees the Children's Ministry of the church. She has a passion for prayer and to see God move in revival in this nation. Derek has a passion to study and teach God's Word in detail and has written a dozen books, including Getting Healed published by Destiny Image Europe. He has a special interest in Bible Prophecy and Chronology and has led a number of tour groups to Israel, helping to bring the Bible to life for many people. Derek is constantly amazed at the power and perfection of Scripture and desires to share his knowledge and love of God's Word, because he knows that is the key to knowing God and enjoying His abundant life.