obc youthYouth Church
For ages, 13-16. We appreciate the special challenges and many pressures that teenagers face in their formative years. Youth Church provides the chance for them to ask the difficult questions about life and find the answers they need. We seek to inspire our young people to follow Christ, when often the pressure from their peers and the world around them would pull them in wrong directions. By equipping them with the Word of God they discover that the Bible is relevant to their lives, providing a firm foundation for a successful life.
Youth Church is provided for every Sunday morning Service, after the praise and worship. On occasion the young people go out into town to share their faith on the streets. They have also prepared short dramas to present to the church.
In addition there are outings for Youth Church, whether its a social meal or something more educational, such as a trip to the British Museum. In the Summer a group travel to Somerset for the Soul Survivor camp where they enjoy worship, fellowship and teaching with thousands of other young people.